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Digital Marketing Consultation

If you have a kick-ass product or service and you are looking at establishing your brand and use digital as a medium to reach out to your audience, we offer services to draw a Strategic Plan for your business. This gives you a great head-start and you can carry the baton forward.
    • Duration Of Engagement – 1 month (4 face to face consultative meetings included)
    • Deliverable – Exhaustive Digital Marketing Strategy and Execution Plan
(this will include marketing trackers customized for the business)
  • Project Fee – $1,800


If you have a great product idea and are looking at prototyping your idea with a website, we help you prototype your idea and provide strategic feedback.
  • Duration Of Engagement – 1 month
  • Project Fee – $1,000 – $2,000
  • P.S. – While cost would depend on the complexity of the project, we keep our cost as low as possible in the spirit of supporting entrepreneurship.


If you are a business looking at training your team on key Digital Skills like lead generation using facebook, video marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, connect with us!
  • Duration of Training & Workshop – 1 Day (only Tuesday or Thursday)
  • Project Fee – $750
  • Maximum participants – 5


If you are looking for quarterly content calendar, content ideas, creating and pushing different formats of content (image, video, blogs, infographics etc.) on atleast 3 or 4 platforms(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin etc. ) specifically customized for your business, connect with us!
  • Duration of the Project – 1 month (2 face-to-face consultative meetings included)
  • Deliverable – Overarching Strategy, Social Media Calendar, Creatives and Content for 3 months
  • Project Fee – $2,200

Digital Marketing to reach the savvy Indian Consumers

Expand your business to India and leverage a growing economy that presents attractive business opportunities for business owners. 29 states in India have different languages and customs. The country is not one market but interconnected regional markets with different business practices across the states. We help you reach the Indian consumer through Digital Marketing.
  • Duration of the Project – 1.5 month (3 face-to-face consultative meetings included)
  • Deliverable – Presentation on “Understand the Indian Consumer”, Identifying Target Audience, Recommended Digital Marketing Strategy along with Creative Strategy
  • Project Fee – $3,000

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