Top WordPress Plugins 2020 and Beyond

op WordPress Plugins 2020 and Beyond

WordPress has progressed to become more than just a blog site as it powers 30% of all websites. An impressive percentage for a platform that was supposed to be for just curating contents.

Do you still have doubts about having your own WordPress site? Before you continue thinking to have a good old fashioned website beats having a blog site, you need to think twice because this blogging platform has adapted so well over the years that many tools have been created to make WordPress web development easier, more fun, and generally make the life of bloggers less tedious.

It is now a versatile forum that allows users to create completely active sites of any niche. An open-source software, WordPress is cost-free, redistributable and has unlimited validity.

Plugins and Their Uses

WordPress has become quite saturated with plugin developers who are always coming up with updated and new inventions that will give users of WordPress advanced features and practical functionality and readers, an enjoyable experience every time they visit.

There was a time WordPress didn’t enjoy much popularity because there were limited in-house tools but with sufficient and upcoming plugins that can be added to your WordPress website, the only answer to give to any question about the limitation of the platform should be ‘there is almost none’

Below, we have listed the best features of the Best WordPress Plugins that most WordPress users are using and will continue to use beyond 2020.

1.   GeoDirectory

If you are on the lookout for a fast directory that will grant you a great global presence, the GeoDirectory is a WordPress plugin that will give that to you. Its main function is to reach a global audience but users can make the directory localized to reach particular regions, localities or a set of people.

Although a larger portion of the GeoDirectory WordPress Plugin is free to users, some of the add-ons that are useful for doing certain activities are not.

Activities like creating events and giving prices for various locations, and setting up a review page require paid-for add ons. GeoDirectory has a great search interface with a beautiful front end. You can get the add ons for $19

Why Choose This Plugin?

  • Good for normal users and digital marketers.
  • Has over 20 widgets
  • More than 15 field types to develop custom forms
  • Google Analytics report is available for merchants with listings
  • Every website needs a contact form.

2.   WPForms

WPForms is a simple WordPress contact plugin that is very suitable for beginners. It has a very effective drag and drop builder that you can use to develop creative online forms within a few minutes without coding.

Why Choose This Plugin?

  • Easy to install and use
  • The best plugin for creating any WordPress forms like donation form, email subscription form, order form, and survey form.
  • Comes with many pre-built form templates that will suit your workflow and help you complete tasks in record time.
  • Contains advanced features such as email marketing and payment inclusion, multi-part forms, and front-end post submission.
  • Has a free version (WPForms Lite)

3.   OptinMonster

Many digital marketers and online experts consider OptinMonster the most effective lead generation solution in the world because it features high-performing pre-built templates that helps to convert site visitors into leads, then customers.

With the perfect campaign options such as full-screen welcome mat, and floating bar, you can have the visitor’s attention within seconds.

Why Choose This Plugin?

  • Possesses a powerful targeting and differentiation engine that can display a customized message to every one visiting your site. The displayed message will address their  geographic location, referral link, and more.
  • Exit-intent Technology recovers, then sustains the attention of visitors when they are about to leave your site. A customized campaign pops up which prompts visitors to stay awhile can turn them to leads.
  • Onsite Retargeting makes special offers that target consistent visitors due to their previous engagement on your site.
  • Onsite Follow-up Campaigns enables you to follow-up consistent visitors through triggered campaigns.
  • Integrates the main email marketing services without any problem

4.   Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO will most likely give you the best SEO experience on WordPress because it optimizes your WordPress site for a better ranking on google search engine without stress. With Yoast, you don’t have a choice but to use keywords relevant to your category. The plugin ensures you adopt only appropriate keyword that is focused on your site.

Why Choose This Plugin?

  • Handles all SEO technical issues on your site.
  • Comes with very important features like XML sitemaps, robots control, and meta information editor.
  • Ensures your content are SEO
  • Displays an SEO review within your page editor and allows you to edit the meta description in order to increase your chances of clicks in search results.

5.   TrustPulse

TrustPulse is a plugin that makes use of social proof to discover and track activities like purchases and signups of real users on hour WordPress site. This social proof notification app helps to increase trust, conversions to lead and then sales and income.

Why Choose This Plugin?

  • Increases trust level in visitors
  • Generates sales and revenue
  • Real-time event tracking that allows live streaming of activities such as signup and purchase demos on your site
  • Smart Targeting: display social proof notifications to the right target audience
  • Works on multiple sites like Shopify, and blogger because it is an independent app

6.   Pretty Links

What Pretty Links does is allow you shorten current or future links on your website so as to make them look concise and neater. It also enables you to track the referring domains where clicks are generating.

Why Choose This Plugin?

  • Makes affiliate links look more presentable
  • Its features are free
  • Easy to install
  • Helps to manage link redirects on your site
  • Makes it easy to check where traffic is coming from and what link is driving them to your site.
  • Resolve the issue of outdated affiliate links with just one click

7.   Broken Link Checker

The Broken Link Checker plugin scans, identifies and sends a notification for you to fix a broken link or image.

A broken link doesn’t work because it will complicate the user interface and send signals to the search engine. If you don’t fix the broken link or image on time, your links might start to display error messages and can frustrate a reader.  You can either replace or remove the broken link or image.

Why Choose This Plugin?

  • Its features are free
  • Easy to install
  • Grant’s to prevent search engines from detecting broken links
  • Automatically tracks links in comments, pages, posts and more
  • Helps you know when there is a problem with your links by notifying you
  • Enables your WordPress website resume full SEO activities and keep your readers engaged.

8.   Revive Old Posts

This particular plugin as the name implies revives works that have been archived to the top. You can share these older but quality blog posts on social media to reach many people.

Why Choose This Plugin

  • Its features are free
  • Easy to install
  • Makes it easy to locate very old posts
  • Option to select only relevant categories
  • Revives favourite posts and enables you to share them with a new audience on social media like Facebook and Twitter
  • Keeps twitter feed fresh with no worries of error
  • With this plugin time and date do not influence readers engagement and responses
  • Enables you to put up more posts on your social feed and also drive more traffic to your WordPress blog site.

9.   Sumo

Sumo is another top free WordPress Plugin that offers free tools necessary to grow your subscriber list.

Why Choose This Plugin?

  • Its features are free
  • Easy to install
  • Provides you with several email signup forms that make it easy for people visiting your page to subscribe to your mailing list or share your posts to social media such as Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Uses analytics to optimize your site.

10.The User Switching plugin

Do you want to be in control of what your readers see on your blogsite? The User Switching Plugin is what you need.

The plugin enables you to leave admin mode and switch accounts in order to view the website from the angle of a visitor.

Why Choose This Plugin?

  • Its features are free
  • Easy to install
  • Allows you to see what your front end looks like to your customers
  • Great for checking testing instances when you might switch user accounts to view various changes.
  • Helps you to regularly improve your user interface and give your readers have a good experience every time they come to your site.
  • Good for troubleshooting problems via support ticket.

Search engine ranking is very important for generating traffic and converting leads to sales but can be a bit difficult if you don’t use the right tools. These top WordPress Plugins are here to stay now and beyond 2020. When you use them properly, they are sure to help you increase your chances of ranking first on various search engines.

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