Create Marketing Funnels That Help You Grow Your Business

Creating a marketing funnel is very important for any digital business. Businesses must be very careful about carefully crafting every stage of the funnel. At the beginning of the funnel, there is usually a value loaded freebie that gets your audience interested. It is followed up by a confirmation email.

What does a typical funnel consist of?

  • Lead Magnet Page loaded with value – Webinar, eBook, Free Consultation Call
  • Thank you, Page
  • Confirmation Email with details of lead magnet
  • Offer Sales Page
  • Email Sequence
  • Offer Sales Page with Timer
  • Thank you, Page

Tech Components

  •  Landing Page Tool (Recommended – Leadpages)
  • Email Service Provider with ability to Automate (Recommended – Kirim.Email)
  • Payment Gateway to accept payments
  • Thrive Ultimatum or Deadline Funnel for Scarcity Marketing
  • Vimeo/Wistia/Youtube for uploading Webinar video (if required)
  • Live Chat (Recommended – Zendesk or

Entry of Marketing Funnel must begin with a landing page that has below components:

  • Headline
  • SubHeadline
  • Bullet Points of What They Will Get
  • Talk about the Transformation They Will See
  • Mockup of Digital Product
  • Call to Action
  • Bio of Creator/Trainer
  • Social Proof/Testimonial
  • Bullet Points
  • Call to Action

Make it known that you will not spam or pester with too many sales email

Thank you, page is a great opportunity, that is often wasted by brands and entrepreneurs. A small video thanking subscriber for signing up (entering the funnel). Show your excitement. Give Clear Instructions
Do not forget to request them to share the training. You can also create a strong reason for them to share to ensure virality and FREE organic visitors.

Confirmation Email is yet another opportunity to create a relationship with your audience. Consider having following components in the thank you email.

  • Congratulate them for signing up and taking a step towards elevating their pain
  • State Highlights of the Digital Product/Service/Training
  • Encourage them to click and read/watch the free magnet

They should be redirected to Offer Page after they consume the lead magnet. Don’t loose heart if your audience doesn’t convert immediately.

Keep an Email Sequence ready to nurture and convince them to buy your product or service. You could have an evergreen funnel or create a one-time funnel and create a sense of urgency about your time bound offer.

Share this article if you found it useful. Reach out to us if you want case studies related to suucess using marketing funnels. We can help you design landing pages, email sequences, lead magnet etc to promote your marketing funnel.

Traffic Sources – 20 ways to traffic to your funnel. This list will have paid as well as organic ways to get more traffic on the website

  1. Facebook Page
  2. Facebook Groups
  3. Instagram
  4. Twitter
  5. Linkedin
  6. Pinterest
  7. Podcast
  8. Telegram
  9. Whatsapp
  10. YouTube – Video
  11. Snapchat
  12. Content Marketing/Blogpost
  13. Quora
  14. Facebook & Instagram ads
  15. Email Subscribers
  16. Retargeted ads
  17. Influencers
  18. SEO – Get discovered on Google
  19. Google paid ads
  20. Guest Blogs


  1. What are funnels in marketing?
    Creating a customer journey that starts by knowing you or your brand (awareness) and ends by purchasing your product or service (action).
  2. What is funnel strategy?
    Funnel strategy is a framework nurturing the consumer from start and going all the way through conversion.
  3. Why marketing funnel is important?
    Customers do not commit to you unless they know you well. Marketing funnel allows you your potential customers get well acquainted with your brand.
  4. Is the marketing funnel dead?
    Marketing funnels have evolved over a period. They are not dead.

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